Soak in the Flashbacks When You Visit Semarang Old Town

Are you currently wondering what to look forward to when you visit semarang? Well, you might be in for a surprise because Semarang is technically not a city whose tourism is similar to those found in Bali, for example. Semarang is a quiet city when it comes to urban living and modern tourism. Accommodations are plenty but your choice might be limited to budget to business hotels. Some resorts do exist but given that Semarang is not that rich in selections of attractions, you probably should pare your choices down. A trip to the city is more like a cultural getaway.

If you wish to visit semarang beach, for example, you are likelier to get disappointed than satisfied. Semarang is indeed a city next to the sea but do not be too quick to imagine it boasts a shoreline with a collection of beautiful beaches, the kinds you find in Bali or Lombok. Semarang is not big on its beaches; the few that are there are still not sufficient to quench your thirst for a beach vacation. Think of a small strip of a beach with concrete barrier holding back the waves and without any single public facilities to be found around. It is this kind of scene that will greet you if you still head on to Semarang beaches.

But if your wish is to visit semarang and shop for branded items for drool-worthy prices, you can rest assured that the city never runs out of them. Head on to Simpang Lima, where there are stores selling items of international brands such as Lacoste, Fred Perry, or Burberry but with a price that defies credulity. Granted, these items in question are either factory rejects or items with defects in majority. But as long as you are meticulous enough as to avoid grabbing the visibly defective ones, the items should be decent at the very least. And then, you can continue on going to the Old Town, where the city’s authentic charm will make you feel the trip to the city is worth the effort:

  1. The Blenduk Church

One of the religious landmarks in Semarang, the church is the oldest in the city. Built in 1753, it is still used to this day for Sunday services.

  1. Tawang Train Station

The Dutch built the station in 1870 and it still operates up to this day. It is one of Indonesia’s oldest and largest stations.

  1. PraoeLajar Cigarette Factory

The factory began operating back in the days of Dutch colonialism. It is widely regarded as Indonesia’s oldest cigarette factory.

  1. JalanSrigunting

The street is a heaven for antique-lovers. There are about 40 sellers lining the street, all offering you vintage goods and handicraft. Make sure you don’t lose your mind at this spot.

  1. 3D Trick Art Museum

Perhaps the most recent addition to the Old Town scene, this museum has just begun operating in 2016. As its name suggests, the museum displays attractions of optical illusion.

  1. Spiegel

This bar also functions as a restaurant and first opened in 1895.